VE Flue 500mm Adjustable Lenght - adjustable length chimney pipes Expand

Vitreous Enameled Flue Pipe 500mm Adjustable Length


Adjustable length - Vitreous Enameled Flue pipes are enameled steel pipes which are coated on both the inside & outside of the pipe. MCD Home & Garden UK supplies a range of Vitreous Flue pipes which have been specially designed for multi-fuel burning stoves which require a very high pressure. The Flue have a total thickness, including the steel + enamel, of 1.2mm. These pipes are laser welded and perfectly resistant even to extreme situations such as a soot-fire (a fire that occurs inside the pipe) without being damaged or modified.

MCD Home & Garden UK stock flue pipes which are extremely high quality and are CE approved. These products guarantee the resistance and stability of the colour even at very high temperatures: classified as class T600, the highest according to standard EN1856-2. These flue pipes are stocked at our store and can either be collected or delivered to your premises. 

Width5 or 6 inch
FinishEnameled Black
DIY InstallationYes
Otherwith door