Long Tail adaptor Increaser Flex 125-150mm 5 or 6 inch Expand

Screw-Fix Long Tail Adaptor Increaser Flexi Flue 125-150mm 5 or 6 inch


Increasing Long Tail adaptor is a threaded metal connector which allows connection to Quattro Flue Liner by screwing on to the Flex, giving a gas tight seal. The other end is approximately 200mm long and allows connection to single wall pipe at the base of the stack.

APPLICATION - Connects 150mm (6 inch) Quattro Flue Liner to 125mm (5 inch) Black Pipe / Vitreous Enamel / 1mm Stainless / Single Wall flue at the bottom of the chimney stack.

CONSTRUCTION - Made from 316 grade stainless steel, it has a pressed thread that allows it to be screwed to Quattro Flue Liner giving a gas tight seal. It has integral drain holes to let the condensates flow back into the flue.

Length125mm - 150mm
Flue Size5 inch or 6 inch
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